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AUTONOMOUS receives critical acclaim

AUTONOMOUS, my twisted love story between a ship AI and an alien parasite, has been out for a month or so, and the reviews are in!

"Homicidal programming of advanced technology and the ruthlessness of a viscous extraterrestrial organism brutally blends together well. Autonomous is an extensive experience of anxiety, suspicion, anger, chaos and fear. Cosmic Horror is alive and well."- Mike Rankin

"Fast paced and genuinely frightening, Richard Beauchamp’s “Autonomous” synthesizes all the best elements of movies like “Alien,” “2001: A Space Odyssey,” “Life,” and “Event Horizon,” and includes a truly original and believable psychological portrait of an AI.

Add in some pretty gnarly alien/body horror, and this is the best space horror story I’ve read in a long time"- Scotty Milder
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