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Experiments in Self-Publishing: "Triptych"

Yes, at long last I have finally published another collection, albeit a small one at that. Last month I made a spur of the moment decision to self publish a small micro collection of short western fiction, having been inspired by the meager success of "AUTONOMOUS". With the help of my new in-house editor, Korey Dawson, we put together three of my favorite western tales, had them thoroughly edited and even one was rewritten from the ground up. The great KC Grifant was nice enough to provide me with a cover blurb, and at the last moment, I sent out ARC's and free paperback copies. The response is better than I could possibly hope for. I sold 62 copies on Amazon in a month, totalled up 16 reviews and recieved a lot of very positive feedback. While I'm still determined to break into the traditional scene, Triptych's response has me much more open to the idea of being a "hybrid" published author.


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